AI Ethics

Valerie Morignat - professor, advisor, strategist, policy expert, CEO 

Nina Schick - author, advisor, keynote in disinformation, cybersecurity and geopolitics

Mara Pometti - AI strategist IBM, humanist, author, speaker


Alice Pheobe Lou - Berlin-based South African singer-songwriter

Billie Holiday - American jazz and swing music singer. Nicknamed "Lady Day" her vocal style, pioneered a new way of manipulating phrasing and tempo.

Music x AI

Thomas Irvine - Associate Professor and Turing Institute Fellow Investigating the human complexities at the border between AI and jazz improvisation.

David Cope - author, composer, scientist, and former professor of music at the University of California


Ada Lovelace - Mission is to ensure data and AI work for people and society

InspiredMinds - Global tech and science strategy group focused on AI4Good operating in healthcare, education, STEM and government / strategic level Artificial Intelligence

GovAI - Research opportunities to encourage/facilitate positive (transformative technology) outcomes with the development of new global norms, policies, and institutions


Princess Bride - 'as you wish'

Forest Gump - there are many chapters in life

August Rush - the magic of music

Good Will Hunting - brilliance is not found in just regurgitating knowledge

The Art of Flight - how small we are in comparison to the mountains (nature), the joy of snowboarding

The Theory of Everything - the story of Stephen Hawking

Ladies in Lavender - two sisters take in a foreigner


Butterflies & Bottlecaps - A little girl wants to be like everyone else, only to find that what makes her different is exactly what makes her special

Wonder - A boy with a rare facial abnormality faces social comparison and curiosity of schoolmates

The Road to Conscious Machines - A myth-busting guide to AI past and present, Wooldridge shows why our fears for the future are misplaced

Ethics and Emerging Technologies - A very well-versed textbook on the social and ethical issues associated with a wide array of emerging technologies

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse - Beautifully illustrated book which follows the developing friendship between the four protagonists of the title