I am an AI ethicist and strategist who holds an MA in philosophy and artificial intelligence from Northeastern University London, where I specialized in machine bias and biotechnologies. Prior to my MA, I completed a joint degree at Mcgill University in philosophy, international development and communications.

My primary research interests include studying the intersection of AI and disability rights (my thesis), cross-disciplinary analysis and application of AI policy (AIreg.net),  amplifying marginalized voices in data through AI literacy training (HumansForAI), and helping organizations scale AI ethically (Women’s Forum Daring Circles). In particular, I seek to use philosophical principles to make emerging technologies more explainable, and transparent.

My professional background is in brand strategy, marketing and content creation (storytelling). Working in advertising and marketing agencies, running a creative collective, being a curator and producer for radio, media manager for art for social change organization and much more. I am skilled in communication, which can manifest in person (event management, project management and coordination, conference presentations, etc.) and online (publications, radio content, and visual branding, etc.).

Aside from my academics and professional pursuits, I am a vocalist. I work to combine elements of alternative and jazz with subtle undercurrents of blues as a singer-songwriter. I spent my younger years listening to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. These musicians nurtured my passion for Jazz and in turn my sound. I am classically trained in piano and percussion. These technical skills helped in the creation of “Percentile”, my six-track EP. I am focused on the stories behind my songs and the meaning behind my music.

This site gathers together my musings around AI ethics, publications, music and passions. It is, like much in cyberspace, a work in progress.